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Clans List 2017

Clan Registration Form 2017

Our “Honoured” Clan this year is Clan Sutherland who will also be holding their AGM at the Games.

Chieftain will be Robert Sutherland from Marlborough, MA. who will also Open the Games.

Clan Shaw

Clan Gunn

Clan MacNachtan Assoc Worldwide

Clan MacLeod Society USA

Clan Buchanan

Clan MacKay Society USA

Clan Donnachaidh Society, Northeast Branch

Clan Mackintosh of North America

Scottish District Families Assn

Clan Mackintosh

Clan Chattan

Clan MacPherson

Clan Graham Society

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide

St Andrews Society of NH

Clan Cochrane





Clans 2017 Cont’

Clan Rose

Clan Thompson Society

Clan Moffat

Clan Campbell

Clan Stewart

St Andrews Society of VT

Historic Highlanders

Scottish Society of Twin States

Clan Malcolm, MacCallum

Clan Armstrong

Clan Davidson