Scottish festival where you fly in a balloon

QUECHEE 2018 is a Scottish festival in which people fly in a balloon. The idea is to use the balloon to take pictures of different locations while flying high in the sky.

In the future, this festival will be more popular because it provides an incredible view of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.

A typical experience at QUECHEE 2018 can be done for £22 per person (which includes a pilot, two flights, and two gondolas).

QUECHEE is a brand new festival that took place in Glasgow, Scotland on June 8. Audiences flew into the city in hot air balloons on a quest to find Scotland’s best kept secrets and be part of a unique experience.

The festival was created by the Airline Academics from Glasgow Caledonian University as an idea for a UK-wide project which was born out of the inspiration for a ballooning course for schoolchildren after visiting Quito, Ecuador.

This is an amazing and innovative event that brings people together with its different activities, making it the perfect way to spend your summer day – whether you are adventuring through Scotland or flying through the sky in your own balloon!

QUECHEE 2018 is a SCOTTISH FESTIVAL happening on September 8th and 9th in Falkirk, Scotland. It will feature different zones, from the Balloon Park to Sci-Fi Zone, from the Games Zone to the Extreme Sports Arena where guests can take part in extreme sports such as slack lining and building a human pyramid.

QUECHEE is a Scottish festival where you fly in a balloon. It is a Europe’s largest hot air balloon event, with activities including a winter wonderland outdoor ice rink, the World Record Hot Air Balloon Challenge, and an international artist showcase.

QUECHEE 2018 takes place on Saturday 18th October 2018 at Vittorio Emanuele II Airport in Naples, Italy.

QUECHEE 2018 is the Scottish festival that was established in 2016. The first event saw over 4,000 people fly in a balloon above Scotland. QUECHEE 2018 is now the largest international adventure festival in the world and it always takes place during August.

According to QUECHEE director Duncan Campbell, there’s no reason why Scotland should not have its own adventure festival as well as some of the action-packed events taking place internationally.

Quechee is a small town in Vermont, USA. It springs to life with a festival every year in late June and early July. If you’re lucky enough to be there on the weekend of QUECHEE, you’ll find yourself travelling from all corners of the US to dance on the streets, see some fireworks and see up close an amazing spectacle which takes place in the sky: A mass ascent of balloons carrying people from this town in Vermont.

Quechee balloon festival is among one of North America’s largest balloon festivals. It’s also a great place for taking photos like this one…

QUECHEE is an annual Scottish festival where you fly in a balloon. It takes place in Dumfries, Scotland. More than 20,000 visitors participate in the event which ends on August 7th.

QUECHEE 2018 will take place on Scotland’s only wilderness training ground – the expansive estate of Dunbarton Castle. At its height, up to 30 balloons can be floating high over the grounds at any one time and this is what makes this a unique festival and one that has been coming back for many years now.

The Quechee or QECHEE is a Scottish festival that is held from the 27th of July to the 4th of August each year. It is one of Scotland’s few major music festivals and has been since its inception in 1968.

The sheer beauty of the tall mountains and valleys, coupled with an exceptional setting for such an event, make it a unique experience. There are five events in total that weekend; quinceaneras and balloon flights on Friday, the Festival Hall on Saturday, Sunday’s Day Out on Sunday, Monday night’s parade and concert at The Corn Exchange on Monday night.

QUECHEE 2018, a Scottish festival held at Edinburgh’s Castle when you fly in a balloon is back on this year!

When the fest was first established in 2013, it took place only once. However, it has since grown into a three-day event where people can fly through the air in a high-flying hot air balloon.

This year’s event starts on Friday 23rd September and ends on Sunday 25th September.