Scottish festival where you fly in a balloon

If you’ve ever wanted to fly in a hot air balloon, then Scotland is the place to be! The small town of Doune, located in the Central Lowlands near the Trossachs and Loch Lomond, plays host to a special event every summer: the Doune Balloon Festival.

The three-day festival is a spectacle featuring breathtaking views of Scotland’s stunning countryside and its iconic lochs. Hundreds of colourful hot air balloons paint the sky above with vibrant hues as they ascend into the atmosphere every morning and late afternoon. Visitors can also explore Doune’s recreation ground, a stunning parkland with stunning scenery and attractions such as mini golf and an outdoor pool.

But that’s not all. The festival also features free music events, plenty of traditional Scottish food available from local vendors, and a market filled with unique wares from local artisans. Best of all, you can take a hot air balloon ride for yourself for an unforgettable experience! You can even choose to fly in a tethered balloon or head further out on an excursion – the choice is yours.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to experience Scotland, then make sure you add Doune Balloon Festival to your calendar next year. With its majestic atmosphere and range of exciting activities, it’s sure to be one festival experience you won’t forget.

It’s time to get excited Scotland; a spectacular festival is coming to town that you won’t want to miss!

This festival will be taking place in the majestic Scottish landscape and offers attendees the chance to take in the culture of Scotland while getting an elevated view of the land – literally. This festival is known as the Scottish Take Flight Festival and some of its main attractions include hot air balloon rides up into the skies of Scotland.

At this festival, guests will be able to enjoy a range of activities related to hot air balloons, including launchings and group rides. The balloons are colorful and display a variety of designs that represent the history of their country. All passengers help to operate the balloon, allowing for an exciting and unique experience for anyone wishing to join in the festivities.

In addition to the balloon rides, the festival will also feature a range of events throughout its duration such as cultural performances, food stalls, art exhibitions and much more! The surroundings of Scotland provide visitors with some breathtaking views that they can take in while up in the air or on the ground – a real treat for any visitor.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s Scottish Take Flight Festival and book your tickets now – you won’t be disappointed!

The annual Scottish Up, Up and Away Festival has become one of the most exciting events in Scotland. This year, the festival is taking things to a new level by offering adventurous thrill-seekers the chance to fly high in hot air balloons.

Taking off from Meigle, near Perth, Scotland, the hot air balloons are operated by professional pilots. Guests of the Up, Up and Away Festival can enjoy a bird’s eye view of beautiful Scottish countryside, including mountains, lochs and woodlands. What’s more, each trip lasts for up to an hour and can accommodate up to eight people in each balloon.

The experience begins at dawn when guests are invited to watch the setting up of the hot air balloons followed by a safety briefing. Participants will then take to the skies for a glorious sunrise flight. Onboard refreshments are supplied as passengers can enjoy marvelling at majestic views provided only from the heights of a hot air balloon voyage.

Free entertainment is also on offer at this unique festival, with food stalls selling delicious Scottish treats such as haggis pie and whisky liqueurs. Alongside these traditional flavours there will be plenty of international dishes on offer too. The festival also includes cultural performances including live music, traditional Highland dancing and storytelling which will add even more fun and flavour to this unforgettable event.

So if you have always dreamt of seeing Scotland from an aerial view then why not join us at the Scottish Up, Up and Away Festival this summer? Let your dreams come true with a spectacular hot air balloon flight like no other!